How it works - Britbound Taxback

How it works

Tax is one of those subjects we would all rather avoid. However, because we will do everything for you and at the end of it you get a nice juicy refund, tax suddenly becomes the flavour of the month!

All we need you to do, is to provide us with details of all your employments here in the UK, such as name and address of employer, dates you were employed (to and from – rough dates if you’re not sure) and any other details that might be relevant, such as did you receive healthcare from your employer, or a company car etc.

When you are ready to go, just follow the step by step guide and apply online it’s real easy. If you have any problems, we’re on hand with live chat or you can call us on our number 0208 834 1326

Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email with a pdf attached of your application. You can then either print it off yourself, sign it and then send it back to us to our Freepost address, so no stamp needed. OR if you haven’t got access to a printer fill in the form below and we’ll send you a printed taxpack in the post, so when you get that drop through your letterbox, sign it and send it back- Easy!

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