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Why You Should Take A Gap Year


If you’ve been working in the UK and are ready for a new
challenge, then take a look at these exciting opportunities with BUNAC. However for those of you
who have been earning whilst in the UK, don’t forget to apply for
your tax back to take advantage of these fantastic

Why take a gap year?

Are you bored of the British suburbs and the
dismal weather? Why not pack your bags, passport and take a gap
year. It’s the perfect way to relax, take time out and focus
on the beautiful things in life, while gaining some all-important
life skills and adding to your CV. Instead of working 40 hours a
week in the UK, why not just head straight out to Australia, Canada
or New Zealand and start your gap year on a working holiday

What are my options?

Here are some suggestions to whet your appetite
from BUNAC, the work, volunteer and travel experts who have been
helping people to organise successful gap years and working
holidays since 1962.


If the beach life is for you, then why not head
to Sydney? As winter approaches the UK, temperatures are soaring
down under, so pack your swimwear, sun cream and passport and start
ticking things off your bucket list with the Sydney Opera house.
Australia is the perfect place to begin your gap year by working
for a few months while making sure you use all your days off to be
the perfect tourist!


Do you dream of snowy mountains, Skiing in Banff
or mountain-biking in Whistler? A flexible working holiday visa
could be the perfect way to pay for it all and gain great
experience while you’re away! After securing your IEC visa you’ll
have the freedom and flexibility to do almost any job, anywhere in
Canada! Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to check out Iceland, BUNAC
offers group flights with a stopover, which is also a chance to
start building those lifelong friendships.

New Zealand

If you’re an adrenaline junkie then maybe New
Zealand’s the place you should be! With Work New Zealand you could
live in Queenstown, New Zealand’s heart and home to extreme sports:
sky diving, white water rafting and the infamous 134m Nevis Bungy
Jump! Are you brave enough? BUNAC offers a year-long working
holiday for 18-30 year olds, so apply now and be off in no

How do I get there?

There are various different visas available,
depending on what you want to get out of your gap year! With a
range of working holiday visas on offer for Australia, Canada and
New Zealand, there’s something for everyone. BUNAC also offers
group flights, giving you the chance to stopover in Hong Kong or
Iceland and make friends with like-minded travellers. There’s even
a visa to work in America that’s only available to students, so if
you want to live the California dream or experience the hustle and
bustle of NYC, then give BUNAC a call to find out more.

What else can I do on my gap year?

The list is endless! First, just decide if you
want sun or snow. You can volunteer in wildlife conservation in
South Africa, intern as a Ski Instructor in Japan or even boost
your CV with a Marine Internship in Fiji where you will train as a
certified PADI diver.

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refund? Apply here to get
your tax back.

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